Week 21

AKA Week One.

A big week. I no longer work at Critical Mass, and am taking a bit of a break to focus on my well-being while I plan what to do next.

I’ve been having some exciting chats and reconnecting with friends; but this week has really been about getting everything set up for next.

I’m gonna keep my ideas under my hat for now, but here’s what I’ve done this week.

  • I bought and configured a new Macbook Pro.
  • I’ve set up accounts and bought licenses for software.
  • I’ve cleared up my gMail and set rules to ensure I don’t get overwhelmed by my inbox.
  • I’ve created calendars that will help me timebox tasks to ensure I can focus.
  • I’ve set a weekly schedule that allows me to focus on one priority per day. More on that in another post.
  • I’ve started my ADHD meds again. They’re really helpful but I had to pause them due to my blood pressure being so high earlier this year.
  • I’ve built this website
  • I’ve started my weeknotes!

I’m using

I’m also trialling Otter AI to generate transcriptions and list actions for meetings. I’ve noticed a few issues and the AI transcription in Zoom is really good, so I might just use that.

This week I’ve been learning some new stuff too

  • Hugo to build this site, but also so I can build other sites if need be. It’s good for project journals.
  • GIT/Github To deploy this site. I haven’t worked out how to automate deployment yet, but it’s next on my list.

I’m reading and really enjoying

All in all it’s been a good week i guess, all things considered.