Hello World

New me, new website.

I’m quite proud that I managed to build this in Hugo and even created my own template from scratch. Feels good to get my brain back into code.

Thanks to Tom Armitage for a couple of pointers. I’d not used VSCode before, and I love it.

I’ve got a lot to learn about Hugo and the way templating works but I’m gonna do that in public. I’m going to add a few more features, but I want to keep the site super minimal and ultra fast.

The responsive CSS still needs a bit of love, so that’s the first thing I’ll sort out. I think I need to rewrite it from scratch, but maybe I’ll get Chat GPT to rewrite it for me. That’s a topical experiment, I guess.

I’ll keep a log of my thoughts and opinions, but I’ll also use the site to publish my weekly notes and share work in progress on a number of projects.

I think the first legit post might be weeknotes this afternoon.

It’s been a big week.